Good Grooming

Students are required to wear school uniform to school each day unless instructed otherwise by St Mary’s Primary School. Students are required to be neat and tidy in appearance when attending school. 


Both Boy and Girl students are required to wear the St Mary’s School Uniform Shirt and Jumper. These uniform items are unisex and can be worn by all students. 

Students are required to wear black shorts or skirts with black socks and shoes.

A school hat also forms part of the school uniform. This is a blue bucket hat with the St Mary’s School logo on the front.


Some items of jewellery are acceptable. Girls earrings should be sleepers or studs. Other acceptable jewellery is birth bracelets, signet rings and a watch. 

Uniform Shop

School uniforms can be purchased from the school office.

Jumpers $15

Shirt $15

Hat $10

The complete uniform is to be worn at all times. Uniform details can be found in the School Uniform Policy. If a child is out of school uniform, then a note will be sent home. If this becomes a regular occurrence, then the principal needs to be informed. School hats are to be worn outside at all times during the year.

Staff Members are also required to wear hats whilst on duty. Sunscreen is available for each classroom to use with the children. It is important that staff dress in a professional manner at all times. Please note that thongs are not suitable footwear for school other than mufti days.